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Difference between sweeteners

Sweetener is the generic term for all sweetening substances.
It encompasses three different categories:
1. Sugar
This group includes not only sucrose (sugar) but also monosaccharide like fructose and glucose. Honey for example also belongs in this category.
2. Sugar Substitutes
These are primarily sugar alcohols (polyols) such as isomalt with special properties such as reduced calories. They are also gentle on teeth and suitable for diabetics. Sugar substitutes are bulk sweeteners and can generally replace sugar in the ratio of 1:1.
3. Intense Sweeteners
Essentially, the function of these is purely for sweetening and, because of their normally high sweetness intensity, are only used in small doses. For the most part, sweeteners are calorie-free and are often used in combination with other intense sweeteners. They are also frequently needed to sweeten polyols.

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