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Stevia glycosides

HistoryThe sweet-tasting leaves were discovered long ago by the inhabitants of Paraguay and Brazil.
SynthesisSteviol glycosides are glycosides occurring in the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana, a plant native to Latin America. Stevioside, which makes up 7% of the content of the dried leaves, is isolated through water or a mixture of water and alcohol and then purified.
Sensoric features/sweetening powerliquorice aftertaste
physiologicalis converted in the body like a glycoside
toothfriendly and suitable for diabetics
technicalat high temperatures, its stability depends on the pH-value; it is more unstable in an acid medium
Situation of approvalSteviol glycosides are approved in the EU, in Asia and in Latin America.
ADI valuenot established
Fields of applicationrefreshing drinks
table-top sweeteners
Asian foodstuffs such as sauces and pickles

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Stevia - Steviosid