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Historydiscovered in the middle of the nineteenth century by the Briton Daniell
SynthesisThaumatin is a mixture of sweet-tasting polypeptides that can be extracted from the skin surrounding the seeds of the West African katemfe fruit. Approximately 6 g of Thaumatin can be obtained from 1 kg of fruit. The manufacturing process is very labour-intensive and therefore extremely expensive.
It is the only natural sweetener approved in the EU.
Sensoric features/sweetening powerlate-onset, intense, sustained sweetness
liquorice aftertaste
physiologicalis converted in the body like every other protein
due to the low dosage, calories are of no importance
toothfriendly and suitable for diabetics
technicalparticularly suitable as a flavour enhancer
sweetness unstable in cooking and baking. Flavour-intensifying effect remains unimpaired
good synergistic potential with other low-calorie sweeteners
ADI valueevaluated by JECFA: not specified
(Justification: when used in the context of good manufacturing practices (GMP) there is no discernible health risk with this substance; a numerical evaluation can therefore be dispensed with.
in the USA Thaumatin is classified as "GRAS" ( G enerally R ecognized A s S afe) by the FDA
Fields of applicationCoffee drinks
refreshing drinks and fruit juices
jellies and jams

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